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Bart bartels


Bart Bartels

Bart Bartels is a Car Technician with several supplementary studies. In order to really understand processes it is inevitable that you must know each aspect of the industry. Having a clear view from different perspectives, both from theory and experience, wide international experience is the base for dealing succefully with your daily problems and solving them unremitting.

He has experience as a Floor- and Bodyshop Manager within the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Working as a Damage Adjuster for Insurance Company,he was responsible for conducting Plausibility Control and Fraud Control.

As an Operational Manager he was responsible for many Bodyrepairshops; ROI, staff, turnover, quality and more.

Bart Bartels is strong in analysis, judgements as well as planning, up to account management and teambuilding. He turned several projects around, such as staff and quality, was coachting and guiding new Managers and added new Bodyshops to the Repairchain.

Since 2007 he is Managing Partner of CRS-i BV (Netherlands), active in the following fields:

  • Fleet-Remarketing
  • Secondment- and Staff Management
  • Management Support

His experience made it possible to connect Theory to practice. With passion and entousiasm he will conductprojects based on an even level, from panel beater up to the Management.