CSR-i - CarmanagmentCSR-i - Carmanagment CSR-i - Carmanagment CSR-i - Carmanagment CSR-i - CarmanagmentCSR-i - Carmanagment

Project examples

Staff Management


Supplier of car components


find and select of temporary staff

Point of departure

  • The employees must be qualified, but only work temporarily.
  • High administrative costs for organizing the employees, needs to be managed.
  • Nationwide company with over 90 outlets.

Countermeasures: CRS-i

  • Dedicated and qualified employees
  • Considers the division of tasks
  • Organises the trainings for new employees
  • Takes care of payments and calculation of salary
  • Organises housing for employees

What else has been achieved:

  • A readymade fix where the client can focus on his core business
  • Doubling of the market share
  • Significant raise of margins
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Increase of cycle periods
  • Increase of customer satisfaction