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Project examples

Future Strategy


Large Premium Dealership


A general Bodyrepair Analysis for a group of Dealerships. How can the Bodyshop be evaluated separately and objectively within the whole company?

What is the market share? What is the position of car damage within the entire holding?

Is the Bodyshop under control? What are the financial potentials?

Point of departure:

  • The market is changing
  • Competition & Job Providers
  • Objectives and Targets are not present
  • Benchmarking is wished for

Countermeasures: CRS-i

  • analysis of the demographic developments
  • analysis and judgement of the Bodyshop
  • analysis of the changes in the competitive surroundings
  • a national Benchmark of Bodyshops
  • conducting a SWOT-analysis

Countermeasures: CRS-i

  • The Bodyshop can be directed on an objective and neutral base,
  • the results can be evaluated and compared to the market objectively and neutral.

Ultimately the strategy for car damage for the following 5 years has been set. CRS-i has developed a new strategy for the Bodyshop of the Dealer Holding. Following this, the measures were taken, which would assure that the future would be secure.