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Repair Management

Are you a Fleet Manager? You are an Insurer or Job provider?

We are ready to help you with your daily concerns.

CRS-i is leading when it comes to a quick scan. Based on the results, your priorities will be set and opportunities for improvement will be shown. We analyse your current network and we help you to optimise. Of course we can also take over if required. We can find and select the best Bodyshops for your network.

CRS-i has her own, accurate certification system, of which partnered companies on a regular base are evaluated. These audits will lead to the following:

      the client’s invoice will not be unnecessarily high
      the quality and the profits of partner Bodyshops are being raised.

With the services of CRS-i the processes within your company become even more efficient and of better quality. CRS-i is able to lower the costs, with a written guarantee if required!

CRS-i is able to do even more because even a perfect system will not improve by itself ...

      Upon request we can
      help with supervision,
      manage complaints,,
      measure customer satisfaction,
      and a lot more.