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Project examples

Damage and Bodyrepair have influence in a lot of organisations, companies and people, who have an interest on a quick, professional and affordable repair.

There are many interfaces around the theme of Bodyrepair and Repair Management. These vary according to your operating area:

  • Do you lead a Bodyshop and would you like to increase the efficiency?
  • Do you manage a Lease Company and do you need to rely on proper repairs?
  • Are you an Insurance company that values affordable repairs and processes focussed on the future?
  • OOr are you the owner of Dealership and do you want to know how you could improve your market propositioning?
  • Are you a Car Manufacturer and do you want to participate in the designing of the Bodyrepair world of the future?

Feel free to browse through our project examples

… even if there isn’t an example corresponding to your current question or issue, we assure you that:

CRS-i will be able to find and address the right answer for your needs. Talk to us.