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Willkommen bei CRS-i
im Kompetenz-Zentrum der Unfallinstandsetzungsbranche

CRS-i is a trouble-shooter solver with guaranteed results. Our experience is unrivalled. Try us. Benefit from our dedicated knowledge and experience.

We know what is going on in the world of Bodyrepair. That is why you are in good hands.

Our goal has always been to find a sustainable solution. We will look at your future together with you. We help to raise your efficiency and productivity. By analysis, advice and support when implementing. You have a question?

The company

CRS-i can "look into the future"

Management is being confronted with great challenges: Markets are not balanced and ...


Whether it is about short-term solutions or long-term strategies - the scale of CRS-i services are always tailor made, depending on the needs of the client ...

Project examples

Damage and Bodyrepair have influence in a lot of organisations, companies and people, who have an interest on a quick, professional and affordable repair ...

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CRS-i is the organisation for Competence and Development in the world of Bodyrepair and Repair Management for the following parties:

  • Car manufacturers
  • Fleet managers
  • Bodyshops
  • Dealers
  • Insureance companies
  • Leasing- and Fleet companies
  • Job providers

and other stake-holders.