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Project examples

Market Analysis


Leading Premium Car Manufacturer


A “Greenfield Analysis for Bodyrepair“

How many Bodyshops will be needed in 2020 in case the network will be developed from scratch? What services will they have to offer? Where will the workshop have to be placed? How will they have to be located?

Point of departure:

  • The market is changing; there is a clear trend towards independent Bodyshops
  • Competition advantage
  • Quality control and customer loyalty
  • Secure the sales of Parts

Countermeasures: CRS-i analyses:

  • Demographic developments,
  • Technological developments,
  • Economical developments and
  • Changes of the competition
  • Calculates the costs on Bodyrepairs and analyses the trends
  • Defines three models of the ideal workshop

What has been achieved:

  • The potential on Bodyrepair in 2020 was determined and the locations for a Greenfield network were shown on a map.
  • For each type of Bodyshop the required hardware and equipment was defined