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Project examples

Repair Management


Medium-Size Lease Company


Network Control, Cost Control and Customer Satisfactio

Point of departure:

  • Combined Ratio was over 100 and still increasing. Insurance Premiums were raised each year with 10% but could not be invoiced to the user
  • Reduce the cost of repairs without losing customer satisfaction en provide a better margin then competitors
  • Outsourcing / employee costs; this was an unknown field within the company


  • A future-oriented analysis of the company: What could be done in order to improve Bodyrepairs? Can the costs be reduced and limited?
  • Set up of an own “Premium-Pool”
  • All partner Bodyshops were audited and certified:
  • All procedures, tools, skills and human resources solutions have been evaluated and the points of improvement have been identified. Based on this a plan was set up for the strategy. The aim was that clients shouldn’t have to pay for the inefficiency of a Bodyshop. But the Bodyshops should get paid on a proper level for their services.
  • Bodyshops should be able to bring out the best of the partnership, to stay competitive and capable of investing => sustainable partnership.
  • Moderate the costs of Bodyrepair
  • Network control: The auditing was a regular recurring event; new partners were found and added to the network
  • Management reports: the client received on a regular base reports about developments on most relevant KPI’s.

What has been achieved:

  • 21% reduction of costs on Bodyrepair within 3 years.
  • 12% reduction of overhead costs.
  • 2% rise of the profit within Partner-Bodyshops.

  • A stable and solid network where the word ‘Partner’ has a meaning!