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The company

CRS-i can “look into the future”

The world of Bodyrepair and Repair Management is being confronted with great challenges: Markets are not balanced and the dissatisfaction among stakeholders is becoming greater. For some the costs are too high, for others the profit is too low. The future is asking for radical changes and measures.

Everybody who wants to anticipate on the coming changes should prepare its company to the max.

CRS-i finds solutions for the needs of all companies within the world of Bodyrepair and Repair Management. We have got decades of international experience in the industry and we know how markets act. We know the needs and interests of all parties.

CRS-i is there to help you

CRS-i has unrivalled knowledge within the world of Bodyrepair and Repair Management, from the best repair methods up to the development possibilities of a market. Due to the long term and varied experience, CRS-i has unique knowledge of the market in Europe and outside. This makes CRS-i’s experiences extraordinarily wide. The know-how in practical and theoretical levels provides CRS-i with the overview:

CRS-i is able to propose a profit giving solution as a total provider.

CRS-i wants to advance the balance

The nature is inexhaustible but its use has limitations. Just like the services of partners should not be abused, otherwise your own company could be at risk.

Success only can be guaranteed based on sincere partnerships between customers and suppliers. CRS-i creates efficient and productive processes for companies within the sector, which doesn’t just benefit the companies but also for its clients.

CRS-i’s goal is to find complete and sustainable solutions for the industry, of which the quality of services can be guaranteed long-term.

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